About Study Programs for Overseas Students at Changshu Institute of Technology (CIT)

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City and climate:Changshu Institute of Technology (CIT) is located in Changshu,Soochow— a national historical and cultural garden city with international flavor. Changshu has a history of more than 3000 years, withShanghai100 kilometers away, andNanjing200 Kilometers. It has four distinct seasons with mild climate. The annual average temperature is about 15.4 degree Celsius. It is awarded one of the ten green cities and also one of the best human habitats inChina

School Profile:CIT as a provincial full-time undergraduate institute was established in 1958, characterized by cultivating applied talents. It covers an area of 120 hectares with two campuses— Donghu and Dongnan campus. Exclusive foreign teachers apartment and international students apartment are provided on campus.

CIT comprises 53 undergraduate majors of 12 schools which involve 9 disciplines —engineering, science, literature, economics, management, history, law, education, art, etc. It has an enrollment of over 18200 students. Among its nearly 1200 staff, there are 250 with doctor degree, and 450 with senior professional title.

International cooperation and communication:CIT is developing international communication and cooperation actively. It has dispatched over 200 scholars to more than 10 countries for communication or learning. More than 200 foreign teachers were engaged. Friendly relationship has been established withAmerica,Britain,Germany,Korea,Japan, etc. Double-major talents cultivation projects have been developed with universities or colleges fromGermany,America,Britain,Hong Kong, etc.  Foreign language studies such as English, German, Korean, Japanese are offered here.

Study at CIT:CIT has set up courses for overseas students exclusively, such as Chinese language, Chinese culture, Chinese art, Chinese Kung fu, etc. One testing center of Chinese proficiency test for foreigners (HSK) is also set here. CIT has over 20 TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) teachers. Presently there are international students fromKorea,Japan,Thailand,America, andBritain, etc.

Sincere invitation:We warmly welcome friends from different countries or regions to study Chinese language and culture at CIT.

Course Arrangement: You may choose to study different courses at your convenient time.

Chinese Language Courses: Chinese basics, Chinese conversation, Chinese writing, Chinese reading, business Chinese, HSK training, Chinese speech

Chinese Culture Courses: Chinese history, Chinese clothing and ritual, Chinese movie appreciation, Chinese tea culture, Chinese wine culture, Chinese cuisine, Chinese snacks tasting, Chinese herbal medicine, folk culture in southern Yangtze region, Chinese poetry, Chinese mythology

Chinese art courses:Chinese calligraphy, Chinese traditional music, (Music instruments like Chinese lute, Erhu, Guqin, etc.) Chinese painting, Chinese ceramics, Chinese gardens, Chinese folk artistry,Pekingopera, Chinese folk dancing

Sports activities: Tai Chi, Chinese martial arts, dragon boats,Pingpong, badminton, tennis, yoga

Language practice: Practice activities about Chinese culture organized to communicate with Chinese students, such as Chinese reading or speech contest, learning to speak Chinese, Chinese songs, write Chinese characters, cook Chinese dishes, make Chinese ceramics, and so on.

Culture practice:visit Cultural scenic spots in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, for example, Shanghai Museum, Suzhou Folk Custom Museum, Changshu Museum, Yixing Pottery Museum, Guqin Gallery of Yushan-style in Changshu, Changshu Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, Suzhou Gardens, Ancient Towns in in southern Yangtze region, Taihu Lake in Wuxi, Yushan Hill in Changshu, Shangshu Lake in Changshu, Xingfu Temple, Building of Guqin and Bronze Sword, Memorical Archway of Top Scholar, Caiyi Hall.

Course fee:

Two-week course: 2000 RMB/Person

Four-week course: 4000 RMB/Person

One-semester course: 8000 RMB/Person

Two-semester course: 16,000 RMB/Person

Special offers are granted for over 5 students registered each time.

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